Pool Tile Cleaning – Bead Blast Your Pool Tile

Tile CleaningOver time, calcium deposits in the Valley of the Sun’s water supplies can build up making your swimming pool tile look dull and unsightly. Furthermore, scale build up can begin to permanently damage pool tile if left untreated.

Gilbert Pool Tile Blasting Specialist

Don’t waste another minute with scrub brushes, pumice stones or dangerous chemicals. Choose an all-natural approach. Pool blasting with glass bead and salt are the most effective techniques for removing the mineral and calcium deposits on your pool tile, Pebble Tec and rock.

We’ll Polish & Seal Your Pool Tile

After your pool tile is free from calcium and scum, we polish and seal the tile to prevent the minerals from adhering to the tile at a faster rate. We will give you instructions on the proper steps to follow to care for your tile to keep it clean and bright for the future.

Frequently Asked Tile Cleaning Questions

What is Glass Bead Blasting?How Long Does It Take?Can You Clean Other Pool Features?What's The Best Time Of Year To Have My Pool Tile Cleaned?Can You Clean Tile In The Summer Too?How Often Should I Have My Pool Tile Cleaned?
Tile Bead Blasting CleaningOur swimming pool tile cleaning process is fast, safe, and eco-friendly! The air propels the glass bead at a high rate to remove the stubborn hard calcium. The glass beads fall to the bottom of the pool and we are able to vacuum it up. We blow off all the decks, patio furniture, water features, and anything else that the glass bead may get on. We then seal the tile to provide protection from the calcium and give the tile the new look sheen it once had.

We take pride in making your pool and yard look cleaner than when we found it. Your pool tile will look new again and will make your pool more inviting to swim in.

It depends on the size of your pool, but on average, we can set up our equipment, clean the tile, and remove the debris in 1.5-2 hours.

When performing a tile clean and acid wash together, you can expect 3-4 hours for the package deal.

Tile Cleaning StepsOur machine can remove calcium deposits off of rocks, water features, tile, and much more. The process is much easier than trying to clean the tile with a pumice stone and tile cleaner.

We use air and a pressure pot filled with glass bead that is like a fine sand.

Tile cleaning can be done anytime of the year. Our busiest season is in the winter when the pool is not in use.

Typically we clean the tile and perform an acid wash while the pool is empty. This will save you money over time by not having to drain the pool again to do an acid wash later.

Yes, pool tile cleaning can also be done in the summer. During the heat of the summer, we would only drain the pool down 1’ so that we can access the tile. We would get in the water and bead blast the tile to remove the unwanted calcium line.

Cleanup is a little more difficult when the water is in the pool. We would vacuum the residual glass bead up with the pool pump and filter.

Once it is clean we can backwash a diatomaceous earth (D.E.) filter or a sand filter. For a cartridge filter there would be an extra charge to remove and clean the glass bead from the cartridges. Cleanup is much easier with an empty pool because we can wash the pool down and vacuum the debris with a shop vac.

Tile CleaningIt is a good idea to clean your tile every 3-5 years to help reduce the build up on your tile. The longer the calcium builds up the harder it is for us to get off.

This increases the risk of burning your tile when we remove the line. If we have to spend a prolonged amount of time in one area the tile becomes discolored and loses its detail or finish.

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