Turning A Green Pool Blue

Green Pool Recovery

Many pool owners are misinformed and believe a green pool must be drained to make clear again. Let us evaluate your pool and help save you time and money. Many pools can be cleared by chemical treatment and proper care. Call today for a quote on turning your green pool into a “Blue Lagoon.”

Why Is My Pool Green?

Various problems can turn blue pool water green. The most common is the chemicals in the water are out of balance. It’s important to keep the chemicals balanced in a pool for appearance reasons, as well as providing a healthy pool to swim in. Bacteria can form in “unbalanced” pool water. The chlorine helps kill bacteria and algae, and keep your pool water healthy and clean. Other chemicals also play a factor in keeping your pool clear.

Too Much Cyanuric Acid

The cyanuric acid level in your pool increases over time, due to the amount of chemicals that are added throughout the life of the water. Adding shock and chlorine tabs gradually increase these levels, and the water will need to be drained.

Cyanuric acid is the stabilizer that holds the chlorine in the water to allow maximum performance from the chemicals that are added. If this level gets to high it will not allow the chlorine to break down and do the job it is supposed to. The only way to remove the cyanuric acid is to drain and replace the pool water. This is recommended every 3-5 years.

High Phosphates

Arizona Green PoolPhosphates are common is Arizona. These occur from fertilizers entering your pool from monsoons, landscapers, kids, and pets. Many homeowners are unaware of phosphates and what causes them. Monsoons are the biggest contributor to phosphates.

Monsoon winds pick up dirt and debris from other areas and blow them into the pool, creating phosphates in the water. Kids and pets bring them into the water by running through the grass and then jumping into the pool. Landscapers also contribute to the phosphate levels when over-seeding the lawn. Fertilizer can be spread into the water when planting winter grass or just regular maintenance. Phosphates can be treated and controlled with chemicals.

Poor Circulation

Pools can also turn green from poor circulation. This happens if pool filters aren’t cleaned on a regular basis, or backwashed at the recommended interval. When the pressure increases on the filter the less the water can flow through. It is always good to know the starting pressure when new filters are installed; that gives you a base point of when to clean the filters.

Filters are the lungs of your pool. If the pool cannot breathe it will turn green. Other items to look for to help with circulation are the skimmer and pump baskets being emptied regularly. If the baskets are full of leaves the water can’t pass through at the proper rate, and that decreases the water circulation. The water in a pool should be circulated through 1.5 times per day to provide clear/clean water.

Let Us Assess Your Green Pool

Green pools can be expensive to recover. It’s often cheaper to drain the pool and start over. We can assess the pool to find out if it is cheaper to treat the water with chemicals or drain and refill it. It’s a good idea to acid wash the pool if you have to drain it because of algae growth. Acid will remove the stain that the algae create in the plaster, and it kills the algae spore built up in the pores of the plaster. It can be the quickest way to get your pool back to normal as chemical treatment can take several days before the water will clear up.

Contact Blue Lagoon Pool Management Today

We can help to get your pool looking new again and allow you to enjoy your pool. For a free, no obligation inspection of your green pool, call Derwin at 602-400-7289, or use our contact form.

Our pool was a swampy mess and Blue Lagoon had it cleared up in no time. I called them on Tuesday and they were here Wednesday morning with a free quote to fix my problem. The pool was clear and ready to swim by the weekend. You guys ROCK!Caleb, Chandler

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