Acid Washing

Acid Washing

Acid washing is the preferred method to remove stains and build-up on the pool’s plaster and Pebble Tec surfaces. This is the most effective way to remove mineral, algae, dirt and rust stains on a pools surface. Your pool will look crisp and clean as it did when it was first built, and will create a brighter experience in your backyard.

Our Acid Wash Process

We will drain your pool the night before we start the acid wash process. We use quiet, efficient pumps that won’t keep you and your neighbors awake at night, and you won’t have to worry about shutting them off. Each pump is equipped with a float that will shut itself off when the pool is empty.

We will inspect your pool while it’s empty to identify any unforeseen problems that can’t be identified when the pool is full. Our process includes removing the dirt and debris, washing the pool down, and applying an even coat of acid to prevent streaking on the plaster. We dilute our acid down to get the correct strength to remove those unwanted stains.

Acid etches away a thin layer of plaster to remove the calcium build up from the hard water that we have here in Arizona, as well as the dirt and rust stains. It is important not to let the acid stay on the plaster too long or damage can occur.

Frequently Asked Acid Wash Questions

How Often Should I Acid Wash My Pool?How Long Does It Take To Acid Wash a Pool?What Can I Expect After an Acid Wash?
Acid Washing PoolIt’s not recommended to acid wash you pool every year, as it does eat away the plaster over time.

The recommended interval is every 3-5 years depending on the pool and its equipment. You should also consider cleaning your pool tile at the same time.

Acid Washing PoolWe can have your pool drained, acid washed and filling in less than 18 hours.

Swimming pools typically take 10-12 hours to refill with water, but this can vary on larger size pools and the water pressure at your home.

After Acid WashingYou can expect a brighter cleaner pool when we are finished. Your pool will look as it did when it was first built.

We will ensure the chemicals are balanced, and that the equipment is running when we are completed with your job.

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