Pool Pumps and Motors – Servicing – Repair – Replacement

Pool PumpYour swimming pool pump motor is an expensive piece of machinery, and also likely to be the second biggest drain on your electricity bill, after your air conditioning – unless you have a variable speed pump!

Pool pumps and motors go through a lot of hard work in the Valley of the Sun, sometimes under extreme conditions. As with any motor, a lack of servicing will eventually lead to bigger problems. At Blue Lagoon Pool Management we help you manage your pool resources.

If we think your pool pump is beyond repair, we’ll let you know. We don’t want you to spend good money servicing a pump that is on its last legs, when it would make more sense in the long term to replace it.

Pool Pump Motor Servicing

Checking Pool PumpBlue Lagoon Pool Management will disassemble your motor, inspect the windings, connections, and armature, as well as install new bearings, clips, and capacitors as needed.

We also install new seals, o-rings, and gaskets in your pump while it is apart.

Variable Speed Pool Pumps

We are a certified SRP and APS variable speed pool pump installer, typically installing brands like the Hayward EcoStar® or the Pentair IntelliFlo®. If available, we can usually offer our customers an APS/SRP instant rebate+ at the time of installation.
Pool Pump

Variable Speed Pool Pump Savings Calculator

Use this link – Variable Speed Energy Calculator – to find out how much you could save on energy after installing a variable speed pump.

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Our old single speed pool pump finally quit on us. Blue Lagoon came out, took it apart, and told us that as it had already been rebuilt once, it might not be the best long term solution. We invested in a Hayward EcoStar variable speed pump. It’s so much quieter, plus, in just a few weeks I’ve already noticed a reduction in my SRP bill. Thanks Derwin! You did the job quickly, and at an affordable price.David, Gilbert

Blue Lagoon Pool Management is a bonded, licensed and insured AZ ROC CR-6 License #297987