Repairing or Replacing Pool Cleaners

Pool Vacuum

Pools require cleaning on a daily basis to protect the investment you’ve made in your backyard. Pool cleaning improves the sanitation, as well as the appearance of the pool. Daily cleaning helps create the “Blue Lagoon” you’ve been longing for. Automated pool cleaners allow your pool to always look its best, with minimal effort or worry from you.

Should I Repair or Replace My Pool Cleaner?

Many vacuums can be rebuilt; however, you must consider how often you are rebuilding it and how old the vacuum is. It doesn’t make sense to spend $100 every 3 months on a vacuum when you can purchase a new one for that. Vacuums generally come with a one year warranty on all parts and labor.

Which Pool Cleaner Should I Choose?

Pool CleanerEvery pool is designed differently; they each have a different finish or plaster, curves, squared edges, depths, and unique attributes. There are a variety of pool cleaners to chose from; but do you know which is best for your pool? People often buy the cheapest vacuum because they don’t know how important a good cleaner is for your pool.

Pebble Tec or Plaster?

Pebble Tec pools have a rough finish to the surface; that surface can eat up the bottom of a vacuum rather quickly. It’s important to get a more durable, rugged cleaner that can withstand this rough surface over time. Plaster pools have a smoother finish, and may require a different kind of vacuum to be able to climb the surface better. Give us a call; let us help ensure you buy the best vacuum for your pool.

We’ll Give You Independent Advice

Checking Pool CleanerMany of the large pool supply companies get kickbacks from the manufacturers on the products they sale. Employees will push whatever vacuum that benefits them most, instead of a vacuum that fits your needs. Our company on focuses on what is best for you and your pool. We have many brands and styles available to fit your needs.

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