Pool Equipment Repair & Replacement

At Blue Lagoon Pool Management our goal is ensure that your pool equipment operates at its highest possible level of efficiency. We service all brands and types of swimming pool and spa equipment, from pool pumps & motors, to pool cleaners, to filters, and more. If we can’t repair your equipment, or if it makes more financial sense to replace it, we’ll let you know. We offer a full line of products and parts to keep your pool and spa equipment running.

We only use the world’s leading manufacturers of pool and spa equipment and accessories. We offer innovative products that simplify pool and spa ownership, making them energy efficient and more enjoyable than ever before.

Pool Pumps & Motors

Pool PumpIs your pool motor noisy? Are the neighbors complaining or it is keeping you up at night? We can help! Let us rebuild your pool motor to run quiet and prolong its life, or install a new variable speed motor that could save you money on your monthly SRP or APS bill.

Read more about our pool pumps and motors.

Variable Speed Pool Pump Rebates

Our technicians are SRP and APS certified for the installation of variable speed motors; the power companies often have rebates available for use when you purchase a variable speed pool pump. Who doesn’t like to get money back from the power companies!+

Pool Vacuums and Cleaners

Pool CleanerPools require cleaning on a daily basis to protect the investment you’ve made in your backyard. Pool cleaning improves the sanitation, as well as the appearance of the pool.

Daily cleaning helps create the “Blue Lagoon” you’ve been longing for. Automated pool cleaners allow your pool to always look its best, with minimal effort or worry from you.

Is your pool cleaner or vacuum in need repair or replacement?

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Pool & Spa Filter Cleaning Schedule

Pool FiltersWe can provide pricing to periodically clean and/or maintain your pool filter. This very important, but often overlooked, part of your pool equipment should be cleaned or replaced at the following schedule:

  • Cartridge filters should be cleaned every 3 months to ensure your water stays clear and healthy.
  • Sand filters should have the sand replaced every 3-4 years depending on the landscape and severity of the monsoon seasons.
  • DE filters should be cleaned every 6 months to remove dirt and excess DE power to prolong the life of the DE Grids.

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For a no obligation estimate on pool equipment repair or replacement, call Derwin at 602-400-7289, or use our contact form.

I am so glad we switched pool care to understand the value of customer service. I am honored to have Blue Lagoon oversee the care of our investment. Your company ensures our animals and personal belongings are safe! Thanks.Sonya, Gilbert

+ Power company rebates offered can vary – we will advise what rebates are available at the time of your inquiry. 

Blue Lagoon Pool Management is a bonded, licensed and insured AZ ROC CR-6 License #297987